27 January, 2011 | Categories: 2


This season Elhaus is back with the finest quality fabrics, incorporating sophisticated shapes, colors and constructions. With this new collection, Elhaus once again has refined themselves in the forefront when it comes to local menswear label. See the full collection only at our store, as always available in limited quantities.

Warbonnet 16oz Overdyed Denim
Available in Black - IDR 1.000.000 & Indigo - IDR 800.000

Iron Tail 16oz Combed Denim II
IDR 800.000

Warbonnet Rusted Duck Pants
IDR 600.000

( from left to right )
M.P.S - Linen Blanket - IDR 380.000
M.P.S - Houndstooth - IDR 480.000
M.P.S - Jean Cord - IDR 380.000

( from left to right )
Mo Tie Godey Shirt - IDR 280.000
Mo Tie Indigo Linen Shirt - IDR 280.000

Alfred Aqua Plaid Shirt - IDR 280.000


20 January, 2011 | Categories: 3


Adding to the Vans California Collection, the 106 Vulcanized is here in two premium leather variations. Each featuring high quality leather, metal eyelets, leather laces and tonal pinstriping. Both shoes are now available at our store.

Vans CA 106 Vulcanized Brown Leather
Size : 8-11US

Vans CA 106 Vulcanized Black Leather
Size : 8-11US


19 January, 2011 | Categories: 1


Their highly sought after leather wallets have been the talk of the town for quiet some time recently. Indonesian premium leather goods maker Cocoline is now introducing a full collection consisting of wallets, belts and chains constructed with premium quality genuine leather, handcrafted using human torn stitch technique. Each piece is made to last for years and meant to look better with age. Head over to our store to see the full collection !!!

Cocoline Wallet
IDR 930.000 - 1.200.000

Cocoline Wallet
IDR 930.000 - 980.000

Cocoline Rein
IDR 350.000 - 425.000

Cocoline Belt
IDR 600.000 - 700.000


13 January, 2011 | Categories: 3


Vans CA Midskool 77 Hiker
Colorways : Taupe, Sudan Brown & Black
Available Size : 8-11US
IDR 1.350.000

As part of the holiday 2010 collection, Vans presents the "Hiker" Mid Skool 77. A modern remake of the timeless design, the shoes feature hiking boot lace loops with more of a rugged approach. Now, three new models appear in the scene, the buttery taupe, black and sudan brown. All of these new releases are now available at our store.


12 January, 2011 | Categories: 2


The newest collection from MAD marks one of the the brand's next progression. Originally with roots of graphic T-shirt line, you will find lots of cut & sew including chino pants and shirts. The Chino pants comes in Olive and Navy featuring waterproof material and well assembled lining details. On top of that, they are also releasing The Royal Oxford Two Tone Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Shirt, available in Grey Melange and Light Cranberry colorways. With clean and simple designs, this collection is definitely worth checking out. 

Long Sleeves Royal Oxford Two Tone Shirts
Available colorways : Grey Melange and Light Cranberry
IDR 375.000
*Also available in Short Sleeves

Chino Pants
Olive : IDR 500.000
Navy : IDR 525.000

Taliban Tee (White)
IDR 225.000

Hoffman Tee
Available colorways : Black & White
IDR 225.000

Fuck Tee ( Black)
IDR 225.000


7 January, 2011 | Categories: 3


Following the successful debut last year, The Footwear Group launches a special edition of Desert Boots in two new colorways, navy and olive suede now added with new leather patch details on the back of the shoes to distinguish them from the previous collection. Also not to be missed, is the sought after derby shoes which comes in brown leather and navy suede. All of them are instant classic and can be combined with pretty much everything as you can. Come over to our store to grab a pair before they're all gone.

Derby Shoes
Color : Brown
Size : 41 / 42 / 43 / 44 / 45
Price : IDR 975.000

Derby Shoes
Color : Navy / Brown
Size : 41 / 42 / 43 / 44 / 45
Price : IDR 975.000

Desert Boot
Color : D. Olive / Brown
Size : 41 / 42 / 43 / 44 / 45
Price : IDR 975.000

Desert Boot
Color : Navy / Brown
Size : 41 / 42 / 43 / 44 / 45
Price : IDR 975.000


2 January, 2011 | Categories: 2


After the success of their tattoo studio grand opening in Bandung last month, here comes the high quality in-house clothing brand from Vaya Con Dios. Influenced by American classic workwear, their main focus is on rough yet durable workwear, and to top it off, they have selectively chosen the best materials for cottons, buttons, and threads. This premiere collection consists of chino pants in khaki and grey colorways, denim and oxford shirts, and also a couple of tees with Mr. Kimik signature artwork. All of them are now available and can be purchase at our store. Get them now guys, cos these won't last long !!!

Vaya Con Dios Chino Pants
Available in Charcoal & Khaki
IDR 400.000

Vaya Con Dios L/S Shirts
Oxford Shirt (Grey)
Mechanical Shirt (Charcoal)
Service Man Shirt (Indigo)
IDR 350.000 - 420.000

Vaya Con Dios Tees (Black & White)
IDR 170.000

Vaya Con Dios Pray Hand and Sparrow Tees
IDR 170.000

Vaya Con Dios Mural tee 
IDR 170.000